Johnny Beaudine and Deep Blue with Eilia Soul - House of Jazz - Dec. 20

Deep Blue will play the House of Jazz, Friday Dec. 20 starting at 9:30.

We'll be doing this show with our great friend, the wonderful Eilia Soul. Our last weekend show there was a big hit. This time, we've been adding new material and working up some very interesting music.

Working with Eilia is a pleasure for us since she is a true jazz singer. We've added some beautiful tunes like "You don't know what love is" and some jazz classics.

Deep Blue is about the blues and blues influenced jazz. That's our thing and we are becoming one of the best groups around and the only group in Montreal that has the skill and background to do this material the justice that it deserves.

Don't miss this show. It's special and well worth the time and effort to come down and see it.

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