Friday, August 31, 2012

Uptown Blues at Upstairs-Johnny Beaudine and Deep Blue

Deep Blue did it's show at Upstairs on the 23rd. We pulled off what we said
we'd do. Sage and Bucky provided a rock solid rhythm section and Peter Mika
had one of his hottest nights in a long time.

What we said we'd do is work the ground where blues and jazz meet. The
other goal was authentically mix different eras of jazz.

We did some classic jazz and some classic Chicago Blues. The upright bass
and Bucky's superb drumming gave both the blues and jazz a tight solid
sound. The blues tunes had an early Chess records sound, like with
Willie Dixon on upright bass.

Peter was channeling Count Basie. I should buy hin a yachting cap.
The old man handled his chores on vocals and horn. On the jazz side
quite a few of the tunes were kickin'. "Night and Day" was so solid
we ended the second set with it. didn't intend too but the song was
so solid.

The staff at Upstairs was great to us and we're ready to ge back.