Johnny Beaudine and Deep Blue - House of Jazz

Deep Blue did the Blue Monday Session at the House of Jazz on March 18.

This was the first Monday that we created that real Chicago Blue Monday feeling. 

There was a nice crowd and the trio did the first set. As is often the case, our friend Doudou Boicel was in the audience,
cheering on the band. Among the tunes were Sonny Rollin's "St. Thomas". The night really got rolling with the second show. We were joined by our first guest, our buddy, ace harmonica and guitar player, Pat Loiselle. Pat sang a few tunes and played some great harp. Next the lovely Marjolaine joind us on stage and sang "At Last". The set finished with "Sweet Home Chicago" with Pat joining on harp.

We kicked off the third set with Benny Golson's "Killer Joe". and Miles Davis's "Four". We were
joined on stage by our friend and sometimes Piano Rouge vocalist, Christine Ghawi. She sang a
great version of "Summertime" We got back in the blues direction with "Work Song". 

The last section of the set featured our special guest, Sylvia Harris, she started with "Hoochie Coochie Gal" and off we went. Pat Loiselle climbed back on stage with some killer harp work and a few more blues tunes. the night finished strong with the whole gang on stage.

This Monday night was a great example of the Blue Monday spirit. Everybody a had great time, new connections and friendships were made, and everybody went home with a smile on their faces.

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