Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New Directions

It's not easy to find something different in the wake of not being able to do what I do, perform. I've decided to revert back to my studio days and I've rebuilt my home studio. Not to record a band or even music at all but to record podcasts. I've purchased and installed Harrison Mixbus software on my computer to handle the recording. Mixbus is more complicated than most DAWs (digital audio workstation) so it has a fairly steep learning curve but I think it's worth it. Sounds great. My podcasts will be mostly but not exclusively about music. I'm working on the first one now.

Monday, October 12, 2020

How I'm spending my time during the pandemic

As you all know, Covid 19 has almost killed the music business. Live music is forbidden. Venues are shuttered, many of them forever. Musicians are doing what they can to survive. Some have taken outside work, some as security guards, some work in warehouses. Some have taken to Facebook and some are home in depression. Having one’s profession taken away is a traumatic shock that I, for one, have a tough time getting over. I’ve done music as a profession for nearly fifty years and to have music banned is hard to handle. I’ve been trying to re-invent myself as something else but the loss of the ability to play holds me back. I have been writing a from of memoir from my years of experience in the music business as player, performer, producer and emgineer. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’m also rebuilding my studio and plan to record podcasts. That’s how I’m spending my time these days and while writing and recording are interesting challenges I miss being on stage playing and performing. Oh well, maybe someday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Johnny Beaudine and Deep Blue - House of Jazz Montreal - Every Monday This Summer

From Richard Burnett of the Montreal Gazette:

Bluesman Johnny Beaudine and his band ‪#DeepBlue‬ at the House Of Jazz rank among the very best to see and do in ‪#‎Montreal‬ "

Let the good times roll every Monday! Party with us at "The House" and catch Deep Blue playing hard driving Chicago style jazz and blues with touches of New Orleans. A blend of jazz, blues and soul that's perfect for spicing up your Mondays. "We come to play" is our motto and we'll be pushing the envelope, so drop by and join us. You won't regret it!

We're the original band that brought the fusion of blues and jazz to Montreal. It'’s a band whose members have played with James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Big Mama Thornton, Brian Lee, Junior Wells, Nina Simone, Cleanhead Vinson and many other blues and jazz greats

Deep Blue fields one of the best teams in blues and jazz. An all-star band with Peter Mika, Johnny Beaudine, James Challenger, Jeff Simons!

Music professors from McGill and Concordia universities send their students to listen to Deep Blue as part of their course work. 

"We come to play". That motto comes from an article written about Chicago musicians. "They don't so much let their hair down as much as they never put it up, they come to play not to pose." Although not everyone in the band is from Chicago, that spirit pervades Deep Blue and all we do as a group.

On our Mondays we get a great audience coming from all over the world. We've had fans from Vancouver, Miami, Ireland, Iceland, China, Japan, Korea, Paris and die-hard jazz fans from New York City. We've gotten fans from my hometown, Chicago, and a groups of Brazilians grooving to the music. Over our Mondays we've added Singapore, Germany, Belgium and Turkey, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia to our list of international fans. Last Monday they were dancing in the aisles. The Deep Blue Band is very proud to play for such an audience and proving that music unites the world.

We've developed a style that cross pollinates Jazz, blues, soul and New Orleans funk.

Here's some posts from our recent shows.

Claudel Proulx, a Concordia University journalism student wrote:
"As I told you before, I am far from being a jazz fan. However, spending those nights filming at the House, I was exposed to different genres of jazz. I got to discover facets of it. I also want to thank you for the interview as you still took a few minutes of your break for me! 
By the way, I loved the diversity among your different songs. You manage to switch from smoother jazz to groovier jazz while still entertaining the audience no matter if a change in the type of jazz occurs. I have to admit the energy you and your group have on the stage is highly contagious!"

Natalie Rabinovitch

Was at The House of Jazz on Aylmer tonight to see Johnny Beaudine and The Deep Blue band. Wow!! They were so amazing!!! I highly recommend you catch one of their shows. They usually perform there on Mondays. I can't wait to see them live again soon. Thanks guys for a fantastic evening!!

Saw John Beaudine and his band Deep Blue last night. Excellent group and loved the music. The food was great too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Johnny Beaudine, Jeff Simons, Pedro Ullman - Sundays House of Jazz Laval

Every Sunday evening at the House of Jazz Laval we present a classic organ trio. Come on out and hear some great blues, Jazz, R&B and some classic tunes done in a gospel style.

A Track From Our New Live Album

This is a track from our new live album recorded at The House of Jazz.We're very proud of this album and you can get a copy from us or the House of Jazz. The CD contains some of the best of our repertoire and some greats solos from every member of the band

New Directions

It's not easy to find something different in the wake of not being able to do what I do, perform. I've decided to revert back to my...